– Podcast Launch Expert and Business Coach

Anna Parker-Naples is an author, entrepreneur, speaker and podcaster.

She overcame a major physical disability and went on to walk Hollywood’s red carpets as an award nominee, fully recovered. 

With a firm belief that ‘anything is possible’ as an actor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, leading podcast expert and non-fiction author, she is currently writting 'The Gossard Spitfire', her debut novel.

Anna is CEO of Influential Audio, leading global podcast company.

She is author of two non-fiction books 'Get Visible' & 'Podcast with Impact'.

As an NLP practitioner, business coach & motivational speaker, Anna is passionate about sharing her transformational messages across her Top 1% international top-ranking podcasts, 'Entrepreneurs Get Visible' and 'Podcasting for Entrepreneurs'

Anna has won and been a finalist for many international and national awards, as a business woman, Hollywood audio producer, and as a performer.

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