About Anna

Anna Parker-Naples

Award-winning  Business Success Coach, Keynote Speaker & host of Inspiring Success Podcast.

 Anna Parker-Naples  is an award-winning NLP Business Mentor and Success coach, helping clients achieve success, visibility, transformation and recognition having herself experienced many personal challenges including bullying, being wheelchair bound and depression - all leading to a fear of being visible. Thanks to her personal development journey embracing NLP practices, she defied the doctors to walk again, and also started to realise and release her own potential.

Since her transformations she has walked the LA red carpet and has spoken alongside stars such as Ruby Wax on mindfulness, and won awards alongside Adele and Holly Willoughby for inspiring people to change their lives.

Anna has recently founded a movement to empower others to go from being Invisible to Invincible – supporting those with big dreams who feel stuck, small & frustrated in finding their voice and having the confidence to transform their lives and their businesses.

Success Coach

I work with entrepreneurs and creatives across the world to change their lives & careers for the better.

People with big dreams who feel stuck, small & frustrated. No matter what your obstacles are, no matter how limited you feel. And yes, it'll work for you too.

In 1-2-1 sessions, group coaching,  through my (award-winning) Inspiring Success Club Membership and workshops, I help people like you to up-level their lives and businesses.

My qualifications are here and so are my testimonials.

I'm host to Inspiring Success Podcast to share down to earth tips on how to reach for the stars. 

Because you can, can't you?  (I know it, and deep down so do you).

Apply here for a complimentary discovery call to find out more about working 1-2-1.  WARNING: this is only for those who REALLY want big things to happen, and are tired of feeling stuck.


How can I help you, your business & career?

Well, I'm an award-winning Entrepreneur. And with my mindset knowledge I can help you feel more confident, aligned and ready for growth.

I can guide you with an effective strategy to become more visible, and to get you heard online and in-person. And be totally comfortable and ready for it.

I won a prestigious Inspiration Award for my company Inspiring Success Club and its powerful life-changing content.  I was recognised amongst Adele, Rio Ferdinand and Holly Willoughby for my ability to inspire a generation with my work. A big accolade that I intend to live up to. 

And I'm telling you, if I can land myself on major platforms, gaining stellar recognition, I know that you can too. If you're tired of feeling like you're achieving less than you deserve, I'd love to show you how. 


My contributions to leading self-development magazines and blogs have been well received.

And I'm currently writing my first book after attending a workshop with major self-development publisher Hay House. So watch this space...

If you know of more ways I can share my message in print, online or in person, please let me know. In the meantime, have a read of my blog to get a dose of inspiration.

British Voice Actor

I'm one of the UK's leading British Voice Actors and Audiobook Narrators.

In 2010, I was told I may never walk again.

As a professional actor (and all round energetic human being!) this led to panic, followed by determination after I discovered the power of how I think. I focused on Voice work and took action to rise to the top.

I quickly became one of the UK's premier narrators and voice actors, and regularly walk the red carpets in Hollywood at award galas, recording for many international brands, best-selling audiobooks, animations and video games.


Some of my work can be found at Audible.com (although many titles are only available in the US).

I had a breakthrough moment in Hollywood (see my smiling face in this picture!) where I realised the enormity of my journey, and the importance of sharing it. So that I can get on your own path to success, right now. Because you know you are ready, don't you?

Want to know how I found my way to the top of my profession? I'd love to share with you the simple mindset tools I use. Download my guide below.